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Columbia Horoscopes: Aquarius Season

Few people can match you when it comes to humor, which also makes you popular with a broad spectrum of people. As the sign that rules groups, you thrive in a collaborative environment, managing your teammates with the motivation of a cheerleading captain.

Romantically, you could use a little more oomph. Since you generally eschew all things sappy, you may deprive yourself of the lovey-dovey emotions that go along with relationships.

Aquarius Wealth & Property Horoscope Astrology Predictions

A partner who is in tune with the emotional realm would be ideal for you, even if he feels a bit like an alien from time to time. Work on cultivating a clear connection to your own wild streak. Otherwise your connections could fall flat; or your feelings may explode in sudden bursts of anger. You're more comfortable raging than you are crying—you'll need a release for those pent-up emotional lightning strikes.

Your sign rules the calves and ankles, so activities like running and biking could become marathon-level obsessions for you. Team sports are also a happy fit for your sign's needs. Scout out the local kickball league or roller derby club and pile on the bonus cool points—not like you really need them.

Ruler: Uranus, the planet of innovation, revolution, and surprises. Your gifts: ingenuity, open-mindedness, a desire to fight for the underdog. Your issues: people pleasing, coldness, flashes of unexpected rage. Your saving grace: an endless roster of friends owing you favors.

How To Get With an Aquarius Man

Your path: to create a society based on true equality and democracy. Love 'em: Gemini , Libra.

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Notsomuch: Virgo , Cancer. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'. Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist. Depending on your zodiac sign, you might have a few specific things you're looking for in a partner , whether it's deep conversation, a sense of understanding, or simply someone who's down to go on adventures at a moment's notice.

Or, you might find yourself attracted to your opposite, due to the fact they balance you out, or make you feel grounded. As it goes with astrology, this recipe for love is complex.

Aquarius Wealth And Property Horoscope 12222

It's not an exact science, but it does seem to boil down to your personality, what you're looking for in an partner, and how those qualities align. Here is the one sign you're most likely to fall hardest for , based on your zodiac sign. Since Aries is a fire sign, they often fall hardest for folks who radiate energy and charisma — two traits Leo has in spades. You could even find them center stage," Lang says. But that's not the only quality Aries finds attractive in Leo.

As an earth sign, Taurus is into all things sensual and comfortable.

So they tend to fall hardest for Virgo, another sign that enjoys taking life at a slow and steady pace. Anyone who possesses the ability to hold an interesting conversation will instantly win a Gemini's heart. And the sign most likely to do so is chatty, free-spirited Aquarius. But they also fall for the sense of freedom Aquarius provides. Scorpio can come off as cold and distant, but Cancer sees straight through it, right to their sensitive core.

They enjoy the sense of mystery, and the process of slowly uncovering Scorpio's inner world. Since Leo is such a confident, vivacious sign, they often fall hardest for people who can match their energy, like Aries. These two also have a lot of fun together , which intensifies their connection. For a Leo with an active social life, this would be a definite plus. As a stable and hardworking sign, Capricorn is just the type of person Virgo's looking for when it comes to love.

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At the same time, being earth signs, they are both sensual as well," Lang says. This pair could be a power couple.

Venus enters Scorpio

If Libra is going to have an intense connection with anyone, it's going to be with a Gemini. As Lang says, "Both signs are social butterflies who love conversation. But they also enjoy going out into the world, which further deepens their connection. In a classic case of "opposite attract," Scorpio tends to fall hardest for Taurus, whose measured nature helps balance out their fiery, intense energy.

But they tend to take a different approach , which ends up being quite appealing for Scorpio. As the most free-spirited sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius tends to fall in love with Aries, who is often fearless and willing to see life as one big adventure.