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If you are not traveling, it is high time to get a trip on the books.

September 15th, Venus and Mercury move into you house of career and social status. The new moon on September 28th is bringing you new beginnings for job opportunities. There is much planetary motivation to be practical and realistic.

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Your ruling planet Saturn has been retrograde for several months in your sign. This has forced you to release old limiting beliefs and burdens. Click here for your personalized in-depth horoscope for But, while you may have great momentum during the first few months of the year, things will likely slow down when the planets make their transits into the earth and water signs. Instead, nurture that inner flame, and channel it into the things you can control.

As an earth sign, you try to stay as grounded and are not the biggest fan of change.

This Should Be Your 12222 Mantra, According to Your Horoscope

Sorry, Taurus —prepare to kiss your current life goodbye in as Uranus enters your sign, where it will remain for the next seven years. By the end of that period, every aspect of the life you know now will be shaken up.

Embrace it! Change is not to be feared — it serves to guide us to our higher selves. Like a mighty oak tree, your deep roots allow you to endure any storm. The needs of loved ones will become a major priority in , but if you lose yourself in taking care of others, you risk not being heard when you express your own needs.

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon, Mantras for each zodiac sign

Why not you? The answer: No reason at all! As the caretaker of the zodiac, you often devote your energy and boundless love towards others. While we love you for this, is a year for self-care. Luckily, North Node will be in your sign, guiding you down a path of healing. Time to shed your old identity and prepare for your next role, even if it keeps you out of the spotlight for the time being. Admit it, Libra, you are a chronic people pleaser—even in regard to those who may not deserve your attention.

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Capricorn Horoscope

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