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The number 8 is similar to the symbol for infinity, reminding you that you live in a Universe of unlimited possibilities. We initiated the impassioned energy of this entire year with a synchronistic new supermoon in Capricorn on January 1st. This is a rare event to help you plant potent seeds for the future. What a great way to start the year! Remember, in this 7 Universal Year, you want to make sure to tune your inner wisdom, and take time to reflect, renew, and regenerate.

Get ready for a fresh start as you embark on a new month Personal Year cycle, along with a new Personal Month. Any overwhelming situations will soon serve as important lifelong lessons.

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Every moment is prime time to begin anew, but be ultra-mindful of where you will focus your energy in the coming days. A 1 Personal Year is truly a brand new start in numerology, in which you are setting the template for an amazing, nine-year growth cycle. That said since January is a 2 Personal Month, progress may be a little slower.

Instead of rushing things, focus on the joys of loving relationships and partnerships. See where there are any leftover or unresolved issues that need to be wrapped up and put to bed. A 2 Personal Year moves at a much more leisurely pace, where you can stop and smell the roses—and quite possibly enjoy some bouquets sent to you by a love interest!

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While you may be less focused on business this year, relationships will flourish in A 2 Year brings elevated levels of emotional sensitivity, along with opportunities to become more disciplined with your expression of feelings— to engage them, investigate them, and move through them lovingly, with strong yet supple boundaries. First, January provides opportunities to develop creative ideas and abilities that need attention.

Dive into realms of self-improvement, receiving support to help you enjoy life more fully. Fun and light socializing is also in order. Likewise, any activities where you can express your creativity is favored. It could be artistically creative in the traditional sense, creative problem solving, or engagement with anything that allows you to step outside of the box. Sweet relief! After facing down some rocky relationship hurdles and a lot of intense one-on-one bonding in , will feel mercifully lighter and lot more social!

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A 3 Personal Year is all about heightened communication and creative self-expression. How can you spiff up your personal image, fine-tune your communication skills, and develop an effective expression of your emotions? January is a 4 Personal Month, which may throw a couple speed bumps onto your path. Take time to get your ducks in a row, setting attainable goals, and getting schedules and budgets organized so you can be ready to roll. January is your month to put your nose to the proverbial grindstone and work—even if you feel conflicted.

Numerology: Secrets of your Birthday – 8th, 17th, 26th: Number 8 Life Path

Should I go to that party or should I stay late and finish this project? For best results, finish the project and arrive late to the soiree—with a grand entrance!

Ready to get your house in order? Slow and steady wins the race during a 4 Personal Year, as you create systems that will make your life easier and more productive for the next few years and beyond. These could be work-related protocols or rituals and routines you use in your home and personal life. Accordingly, I changed 'eight' to nine.

Accordingly, I changed 'eight' to 'nine'. However, there is nothing in the article which suggests that either one is unlucky. In fact, the section on 7 explicitly states that "In most of the regions in China number 7 remains neutral or associated with luck. In fact, the only way these numbers are discussed in the article at all is based on their auspiciousness. There are other ways numbers are used in Chinese culture. Here's a list of the references contained in this article. None of these sources are tertiary academic text books and dictionaries , none of them are good secondary sources most of them are "did you know" type articles from news media and quite a few of them are primary, when I was on my holidays I found out that Furthermore, the section on Chinese culture in Wikipedia's numerology section is basically a scaled down version of this article, and seriously in need of expansion.

May I suggest i.

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I'm going to do it right now moving this page to "Chinese Numerology" a massively important area of Chinese culture Where the article could be rewriten with a view to:. Edaham talk , 20 April UTC. Edaham talk , 21 April UTC.

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Who is Ken Kemp, and why is he in particular worth mentioning over literally any other person born on August 8th of a year divisible by ten?